Burghard Shepherds
The name "Burghard" comes from Sandra's family genealogy.  The translation of the word Burghard from German into English is "Hard Castle".  Sandra's paternal grandmother's maiden name was Ruby Harriett Burghard.  This line of the family came from the Black Forest area of Germany where family legend says that there was a family Burghard Castle which Ruby and her two sisters, Austine (Teenso) Burghard and Viola (Vi) Burghard visited when they went to Europe in the early 1900's.  There is a Burghard family crest which was drawn by Ruby Burghard (Thomas), who was an avid artist.  Ruby was married to Dr. Ansel Leroy Thomas, MD and their son was Joseph Burghard Thomas whose daughter is Sandra Thomas, owner of Burghard Shepherds.
           Burghard Family Crest
   Drawn by Ruby Harriett Burghard Thomas
Burghard Shepherds: Origin of the Name.